Our instructors do not simply teach;

they sculpt.


founded 1987

About Great Neck Martial Arts Academy

A Rich Local History:

Great Neck Martial Arts Academy traces its roots to the Wind and Sea Enlisted Recreation Center at the Norfolk Naval Base, where John Schwaebler taught martial arts for free from 1987 to 1991. Deciding to mix passion with business, Schwaebler founded Wind and Sea Taekwondo to serve the greater Virginia Beach community. The academy became such a success that it moved to the Great Neck area shortly thereafter. The academy would continue to thrive and eventually become Great Neck Martial Arts Academy.

In 2002, Schwaebler passed the mantle of Chief Instructor to Todd Megenity, and the school underwent a series of upgrades and program changes to better suit our clientele. In 2015, Chief Instructor Kyle Cameron Burns assumed ownership of the academy and maintains the rigorous martial arts program started 30 years ago.

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