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Meet Our Instructors

Kyle Cameron Burns

Chief Instructor Kyle Cameron Burns, owner of Great Neck Martial Arts Academy, is a certified Taekwondo instructor and has practiced Taekwondo for 18 years. A Virginia Beach native, Burns is a graduate of Cape Henry Collegiate School and attended Virginia Wesleyan College and Old Dominion University as a business student. A third-degree black belt, Burns was the 2009 State Sparring Champion, and continues to enjoy practicing martial arts and teaching children and adults.

John A. Schwaebler

John Schwaebler’s passion for the art of Taekwondo is rivaled only by his dedication to the business practices that have made him an esteemed member of the Hampton Roads business community. As a service member of the U.S. Navy for more than 20 years, Schwaebler sought to complement his military values with the business principles he learned while attending St. Leo University and Troy State University. Adhering to these ideals, Schwaebler has founded two of the most successful small businesses in the area- Great Neck ATA Black Belt Academy and Affordable Custom Decks. Schwaebler has played an essential role in helping both businesses achieve multiple Best of The Beach honors, and continues to offer his expertise as a partner at Coastal Additions and Mid-Atlantic Quality Electric.

Schwaebler is a life-long student of Taekwondo and has risen to the rank of fourth degree black belt. He has been a personal student of ATA founder and Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee., and has served as an ATA national judge. John Schwaebler has been teaching Taekwondo since his time in the military, and founded Great Neck ATA (formerly Wind and Sea Taekwondo) in 1987 to continue that tradition.

Todd Megenity:

Todd Megenity, former chief instructor at Great Neck ATA Black Belt Academy, is a Virginia Beach native, Kempsville High School graduate, and attended Old Dominion University. A qualified self-defense specialist, Megenity has undergone 21 years of Taekwondo training and 10 years of Krav Maga training. He achieved the rank of fourth degree black belt in 2008, and continues to serve as an ATA national judge. Megenity is a fervent supporter of after school programs and local charities, as well as a licensed pilot who loves to fly!

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