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they sculpt.


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The staff from Great Neck Blackbelt Academy teach afterschool classes at Trantwood Elementary sponsored by the PTA. This staff models professional behavior, courtesy to students and their parents, and teach students skills engaged with respect. I would highly recommend their school.
Patricia C. Slaughter, Ed.D.

My son has been a student at Great Neck Martial Arts Academy under the leadership of Kyle Cameron Burns since he was 8 years old. He is now 12. While my initial goals were for physical fitness, I was pleasantly surprised by the maturity and confidence that dramatically started unfolding after just one month of attendance. Even small things such as maintaining and organizing his equipment and gym bag worked to instill responsibility in other areas of his life. The school seems to place an emphasis on leadership skills and devotes an evening each week to students with a desire to be instructors. They work on public speaking, ways to encourage their peers and younger students, and actually put what they learn into action by planning lessons and scheduling time to instruct. All of this has helped my son. At 12 years old, he is using the skills he developed in martial arts in his role on the school debate team, in community plays, and performances with the orchestra. All of these roles require a great deal of discipline, hard work, and responsibility. I cannot think of a better way to launch these qualities than martial arts.
Sherry Friel
Virginia Beach, VA.

My family has known Chief instructor Megenity for over 10 years. I appreciate the personal attention he gives to each and every student...

Great Neck ATA is the strong yet kind hand that leads our children towards honesty, integrity, honor and respect for themselves and others.
Proud Parents in Virginia Beach

Great Neck ATA has taught my daughter an awareness of her own body in relationship to the world. Her self esteem and ethical development has been enhanced by her participation in this amazing sport.
Kim Zweifler,
PH.D., Clinical Psychology
Virginia Beach, VA

Great Neck Academy has provided my children with the tools to become disciplined, self assured and morally aware individuals. Through positive discipline, guidance and respect, Great Neck Academy gives children the opportunity to become their best selves.
Proud Mom and Dad in Virginia Beach

My son Nick has been going to Great Neck Black Belt Academy for a number of years. He has learned so much like: self discipline, confidence, coordination, gains in strength, friendship and self-defense. If you are looking for a great activity for your child, look no further then Great Neck Black Belt Academy.
Robert Capria,
Certified ACE Personal Trainer

I trained and taught at Great Neck Black Belt Academy from 1992-1997 and achieved my 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belts from Mr. John Schwaebler. This training provided the foundation which enabled me to eventually win 2 State Championship titles and make the Top Ten in the world two years running. I ultimately won a silver medal at world championships. Additionally, the instructor and martial arts business training I received at Great Neck Black Belt Academy enabled me to open two successful martial arts schools of my own. I taught side by side with Mr. Todd Megenity and still consider him to be a go-to colleague for knowledge and guidance. Additionally, he is one of the best instructors in the business. I firmly believe that the skills (both martial arts and life skills) taught at Great Neck Black Belt Academy provide the foundation not only for a future Taekwondo School owner, but will also complement any endeavor the students may choose, both in academics and in the workplace.
Anthony D. Hubble
4th Degree Black Belt
Owner, Hubble ATA Masters Academy

I can not believe that my son has been at Great Neck Black Belt Academy for almost a decade now! Through the hard work and discipline that is encouraged at the Academy, he has worked his way up from a Tiny Tiger to a 2nd Degree Black Belt ... and Instructor. Mr. Megenity has been a wonderful role model over the years. I know, with confidence, that GNBBA has contributed to my child's self-esteem, sense of integrity and respect for others. I would highly recommend GNBBA for any one who wants some "serious fun!"
Krissi Wood, MR Case Manager,
VB Dept of Human Services

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